Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Closet Clean Out- Get Ready For Fall 2014

                                 Tips For Closet Clean Out Fall 2014


Coats can be one of the biggest investment pieces you buy all year. A great coat can last for years if properly maintained. Take a look through your coats and dry clean the ones that need it. Look for holes in pockets, loose buttons and have them repaired at the cleaners.
If it's time for a new coat, this season look for the "Robe Coat". Oversized fit that has a tie belt, similar to a robe.

The overwhelming trend for outerwear was what I like to call the voluminous trench or what some fashion guru's call the robe style coat.


I live in boots all Fall and Winter. This is a great time of year to pull them out and give them a polishing. I have replaced heels, fixed zippers, and had them professionally cleaned. It will save you time and money to start this now. One pair in black, brown and tan normally last me through a few winters. If you are looking for a new pair this year, check out the over the knee trend. The ankle boots from last year might need to be packed away this season.


I normally take down the sweaters that were stored away in the Spring and divide into 2 piles. If I didn't wear it the year before I probably won't be wearing it this year so it goes into the giveaway stack. If I did wear it , I will freshen it up with a dry cleaning sheet. If a favorite sweater is need of repair or a professional cleaning I send it out now. New knits are always fun to buy when the weather turns chilly and this year the trend is set on oversized.

Dresses, Tops, and Bottoms

It's helpful to keep  dresses, bottoms and tops separate in your closet. Try not to think of your dresses by season. I like to layer and wear them all year round , or at least 3 seasons. Try not to think of them in terms of "where am I going in that?" but rather  can I wear it anywhere? When going through your dresses make a give away pile and a repair or dry clean pile. Stick to the rule, if you have not worn it in a year, toss it. This season designers are focused on the Mod 60's. If you are inspired to add a few new dresses this Fall, here is the current style to watch.
What to Keep from Spring and Summer that you can layer into Fall and Winter
Abstract floral and wild life animal prints, anything oversized, mini skirts, pastels, and sheer.
What to pack away till next Spring
Sandals, eyelet fabric, crop tops, bright neon.
What to buy
A new oversized turtleneck knit, Orange,Menswear-Inspired Oxfords, Midiskirts, Blue


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Backstage: Extreme braids and pop-art makeup for Fall/Winter 2014/15 runway shows

It was medieval times meets a Roy Lichenstein  painting at many of the Fall 2014/15 runway shows in Paris and New York.

   Fatima Lopez

    Maxime Simoens


Vivienne Westwood


Mara Hoffman


Manish Arora

Yohji Yamanoto

Warning: Do not try this at home, leave it to the professionals


Friday, August 8, 2014

Shopping treasures in Paris this Summer that you won't find in NYC

While, globalization has impacted our world for the better in many industries, it has certainly taken some of the fun out of shopping overseas. I have been spending every Summer vacation in Paris for over 24 years, ouch I am old, and I have to say, global cheap fashion is killing my inspiration. Luckily, I put in some extra time and discovered some new brands and a few of my favorites that    keep their European style. One of my favorite neighborhoods to explore is Marais.  I had one mission really, a black bag small enough to keep my keys, metro card, iphone, and a little cash.

 Karl Lagerfeld boutique had the perfect petite quilted cross body bag and it was on sale for just under $300. With no stores open in the States yet, I was very happy with my find. The boutique was glossy and chic. Along with a friendly sales staff and a women's collection that was cool and edgy with incredible fabrics. I fell in love with Paris all over again.

Next stop was my favorite fast fashion store since my first trip to Paris in the late 80"s.
Kookai, is a French fashion label founded in 1983 by Jean-Lou Tepper, Jacques Nataf and Philippe de Hesdin. It has a simple philosophy: "to supply young women with affordable apparel for their wardrobes. I found a navy knit and black chiffon dress on sale for $50. I believe the company sold their collection to boutiques in the States during the early 90"s for a few years but they no longer do. I always pick up at least one new piece and they last years in my wardrobe. Plus, its still the only place to find more navy then black, keeping them very French.

Walking around the old cobble streets are many shops and cafes along the famous avenues in Marais. But tucked away on a side street I discovered Tsumori Chisato.  A Japanese fashion designer.
She attended Tokyo's Bunka Fashion College. She began work with Issey Miyake in 1977 and started her own line in 1990. She took her work to Paris in 2003. Her aesthetic focuses on prints and has a "healthy dose of manga/bohemian cuteness". 20, rue Barbette 75003 Paris, France. I found the dress below , again on sale for under $200. I did find a bargain, her line is not on the affordable side but it shouldn't be. Her distinct style mixed with luxury fabric and ingenious cuts are what makes this line special. She is building a cliental in the States but, no stores of her own yet.

Next stop is Eleven Paris , this time for my kids. Although not just a kids store, they are more the store for trend tees with the words "Obama", "Kravitz", "Miley", "Mandela" on the back with a number. My son picked the "Louis" tee, as in King Louis. Both kids found great back to school knits, on sale.
With several locations in France and 2 showrooms in the States I am sure this concept will start making a strong impact here. But, at the moment we are still inspired  to see something fresh in tees. 

Till next time Paris!